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Episode 11: Windows Vista

Posted in All Posts,Episodes by Plaz on the May 6th, 2007

Michael Plasmeier and Michael Gdovin are running the new version of Windows, Vista. They lead you around the OS, explain new features, and tell you if you should buy it. (16:14)

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  1. Stojance said, on May 7th, 2007 at 5:16 pm


    I think that the whole idea of ‘Marketing’ Microsoft Windows Vista is a bad idea. It sure is eye candy, but in the inside it’s probably just a piece of junk hard coded with DRM technologies that stop you from using your computer in a human, ethical way.
    I said probably because Windows Vista isn’t open source. You, by any means, CAN NOT LEARN FROM WINDOWS VISTA. It’s restrictive technologies (DRM) can break some of your hardware if you use pirated content. Such as your graphical card.

    You should do something about open source. There are so many good examples out there.

    Actually, I am your age… I am 14, and open source gave me everything that I need. Take a look at the Macedonian GNU/Linux Planet. You can see my hackergotchi out there.

    Take a look at Compiz or Beryl for the Linux platform. It is so good. Actually it’s unique! I am running Ubuntu Feisty Fawn right now with Compiz on GNOME, and it’s so cool.

    If you are looking for the eye candy platform, YOU MUST TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT LINUX.

    ‘Cause you mentioned ‘Search’ in Windows Vista so much I can tell you something about Linux and open source search engines. Me, as one of the contributors to the Mono project know quite a few good apps running on Mono. One of them is Beagle. It is a super cool search engine for your desktop (or server, if you are running any). First it indexes your files, folders and such. Then just by typing in it it immediately finds this. Beagle updates it index database all the time, but that can be set for other intervals.

    KDE is also a very good desktop environment, where eye candy seems to be growing in a faster rate than for GNOME.

    And the most interesting thing is that you can enjoy this very beautiful eye candy while learning about the software that you are using. With access to the code and such.

    Your videos are really educative but if you just gave open source a bigger part of them, then people would know that there is an alternative. :)

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