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Posted in by Plaz on the November 17th, 2006

Tecker 911 is a short video podcast which makes technology easy to understand in ways which are relevant to people’s daily lives. Tecker 911 is shown on Channel 11, the School District of Haverford Township‘s community access channel.

Michael Plasmeier
ThePlaz's Old and New Logo

Michael Plasmeier, otherwise known as ThePlaz, has been a life long friend of technology. His website it http://theplaz.com Michael’s passion is for website product design and project management. He is also an effective manager and business leader. His public speaking background along with his technical knowledge makes him comfortable in front of or behind the camera. Michael is also an “A” honors student. Although he is not the smartest in the school, his willingness to participate in class and spread his knowledge, makes some students state otherwise. Michael remembers amazing his kindergarten teacher with his technology skills. He is 17 years old and lives with his parents in Havertown, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Philadelphia; ~10 miles from Drexel) and attends Haverford High School as a senior.


Michael runs several websites and web services. On Facebook, he runs GridView, an application which lets users add all of their friend’s profile pics onto their profiles. GridView has received light angle funding and Michael works with and manages overseas development teams. GridView currently has 700,000 users.

Michael also produces and regularly hosts, Tecker 911, a video podcast which brings technology into hands of normal people. Tecker 911 is also shown on Havertown’s local public access Channel 11.
Michael developed SeniorQuoter, a free, open-source PHP application which allows high school yearbooks to collect senior quotes. In 11th Grade, Michael led a 5 person group study Dynamic Website Building Instruction and Practical Experience Group Study at Haverford High School where the group, under Michael’s supervision, learned PHP and MySQL and built version 2 of SeniorQuoter.

Michael has also written many programs for the TI-83+ graphing calculator and a drop down menu for MediaWiki.


Michael is a senior at Haverford High School. He is a regular anchor of H-Vision, the school’s morning news program. Michael supports education for all, through his website, ThePlaz.com, where he has several thousands sheets of knowledge, freely available to all with a connection to the internet. Michael’s passion for knowledge enables him to excel in school. Among Michael’s peers, he has earned a reputation for hard work. In his freshman year, the yearbook staff chose Michael to be the section cover page of the “Academics” section title page.

Michael is also the technology manager for the publications department. He also takes photos of many school events and publishes them on his flickr account.

Community Service

Michel believes that he can best server the global community by utilizing his special technology skills to make an impact on the greatest number of people. Michael’s community service is highlighted by his involvement with SeniorQuoter and Tecker 911. Michael also has posted several thousand videos and photographs. Most of these photographs are freely available under the Creative Commons license. Most of Michael’s school work and notes is also available under a similar license.

Business Experience

Michael is a proven business leader. Through GridView, Michael has gotten first-hand experience with running a business with a significant amount of revenue (for a high school student). Through this, Michael also has gotten experience with advertising networks, analytics, contracts, as well as negotiations over investment and equity.


Through Tecker 911 and the SeniorQuoter group study, Michael has gained the ability to effectively lead and organize teams of 4-6 people. As the producer of Tecker 911, Michael is responsible for gathering ideas, scheduling shoots, acquiring and setting up equipment, as well as using his theater and public speaking experience to direct and coach the other anchors. For the SeniorQuoter group study, Michael directly project managed a team of 4 developers working on an open source PHP application.
For GridView, Michael meets regularly with his business partner to talk about and discuss ideas. Michael then writes the specifications to send to a development team overseas. Michael then manages the project to the completion of his exacting specifications.

Michael is regularly chosen to lead groups in school for school projects.


Michael also has some acting and technical theater experience. He has acted in three shows while he was at Haverford Middle School, stage managed a fourth, and was a casting consultant for a fifth. Through the People’s Light and Theater Company’s youth school, he has performed at the National Constitution Center in downtown Philadelphia.

Michael Gdovin March 2009

Michael Gdovin – Mike originally thought that computer skills were worthless and would never be needed but, he soon found out that he was totally wrong. Mike went to Manoa Elementary school where he began to learn basic computer skills like typing, which helped because his handwriting is very hard to decipher at times. He also met Michael Plasmeier who would be later be a co-found Tecker with Mike. Mike learned many basics of computing and other skills that would later help define the rest of his life.

In Middle School, Mike continued his love of computers and he joined the School computer club called Tech Time. While in Tech Time, Mike learned many more computer skills like, video editing, desktop publishing, graphic design, and web design. Back then, Mike wanted to become a computer programmer, yet he never learned how to program. In his free time Mike taught himself everything he needed to become a computer expert and became a source of computer information for friends and family. While, in Tech Time Mike also met many people he would later recruit for W3life and Tecker.

When he entered Haverford High School he was still very close friends with Michael Plasmeier. Plasmeier then launched his own website, theplaz.com in February 2006 and Mike realized that the future of technology was on the Internet and the only way to keep up was to get involved in the Internet. Mike spent a lot of his freshmen year of High School listening to podcasts and watching video podcasts from the TWIT network, Revision3 and other independent podcasters. He learned a lot about the newest technological advances and what was going on the the Technology Business. Mike was able to appear on net@nite promoting Tecker on December 31st, 2006. After, all the inspiration from podcasts and great website made Mike want to found his own website. One day the idea dawned on him a social technology help network, conveniently, Mike was getting together with Michael Plasmeier that day and they became partners and created Tecker on August 21st. Mike learned some PHP coding and assisted Plaz who did the majority of the coding. Mike also served as the Director of Marketing for Tecker and promoted Tecker like on the Net@nite interview. Mike also thought of the idea of a podcast that would answer and demonstrate answers to the top questions on Tecker but, later it became a show for Technology relevant to your daily life. The first episode was released, December 13th, 2006 and is also available on Haverford’s local access channel, Channel 11.

On November 1st, 2006 Mike established W3life Internet Media with several friends from Tech Time. W3life was Blogging network run by Mike as CEO, who also wrote the free software blog. A few months later Mike realized that because of the large amount of podcasts he watched that video and audio on-demand, also know as podcasts were a promising future and W3life began releasing podcasts in December 2006. Mike led the round table news show, Leetspeek, also he hosted The Freeware Show which reviewed Free Software and also hosted with Ed Rochon and Eassa Ayoub, So You Want to Buy a Computer. W3life Internet Media then evolved into video podcasts and Mike hosted Modlife with Tecker 911 Co-host Jordan Berman. Mike has also recruited many people who worked at Tecker to also work at W3life. In October 2008, Mike decided to cease W3life due to lack of productivity and decided to begin working on new projects.

Mike began hosting The Weekly Spin along with Steven Stinson, William Termini and Michael Plasmeier in Decmeber 2008. The Weekly Spin is an audio podcast that discusses the top news stories in depth. Besides hosting the show Mike also created the show and manages the show website.

Mike is also, very involved in Future Business Leaders of America and has earned the right to go to States all three years he was in the club. Mike also won tenth place in the entire state in 2006. Mike is still watches many video podcasts and listens to some audio podcasts. Mike is an avid tea drinker and drinks a lot of tea from adagio.com, and made several custom blends on the site.

Reed Dame

Reed Dame – Reed Dame is a freshman at Haverford High School. Reed is an avid computer user and active in many fields of computing. Reed strongly dislikes proprietary software and systems and is interested in spreading open source software/free software. Reed is experienced on many computing operating systems including Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Windows, Maemo, and other forms of embedded Linux. Reed dislikes many popular products including iPods and similar devices like iPhones because of their vendor lock-in. Reed knows Adobe Flash Actionscript, some Javascript, and is learning C in the Haverford Robotics Club. Reed also hosts Freeality on W3life. Reed’s website is redreed.com. His primary operating system is GNU/Linux.

Ed Rochon

Ed Rochon – Ed is a sophomore at Haverford High School. Ed met Mike and Plaz in Haverford Middle School‘s tech club called Tech Time where its members did tech related things for teachers. Ed was constantly taking apart old broken Macs® and salvaging them for parts. He has been building computers since he was 12 years old.

He has built two computers for himself and one for his dad so far and is constantly upgrading them. He also has quite a collection of parts and older pc’s which he is always tinkering with.

Other than computers, Ed is in the Haverford High School Concert Band/Football Marching Band. He is also in the bowling club and the ping pong club. He enjoys bowling very much and bowls in a league in Wynnewood Bowling Lanes. He is also very interested into hobby grade remote controlled vehicles. He owns several of them and has a lot of money invested into them. Nearly every weekend he races them at Hobby Hut raceway in the summer and the Westchester HobbytownUSA indoor carpet track in the winter.

Ed currently has two jobs. He’s a paperboy for the News of Delaware County and a caddy for the Llanarch Country Club (that’s how he pays for all this expensive stuff!).

JD Dorfman

Jonathan Dorfman – Jonathan (aka the Grinch) is excited to join Tecker 911. As a senior at Haverford High School, JD spearheads the “Really Simple Solutions” segment on the show. He is also the expert on all things Microsoft Office.

During a rehearsal for a talent show called “Mr. Haverford” in 2006, Jonathan officially joined H-Vision, alongside ThePlaz. Jonathan and ThePlaz co-host regularly on H-Vision, the school news program. When he is not hosting the show, Jonathan is the teleprompt operator for H-Vision.

At Haverford Middle School and in 9th grade at Haverford High School, Jonathan has taken a number of technology courses. He has also taken Computer Graphics (using Adobe Illustrator) in 11th grade and received an “A” in the class. In 12th grade, he will take Computer Animation and Video Editing.

For a research class known as Senior Project, Jonathan researched and wrote a 21-page report on “Video Game Violence and Self-Regulation,” which can be viewed right here.

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  1. A Haverford Music Ed Sub said, on February 14th, 2007 at 12:13 am

    Just great work….but am I surprised? Coming from HSHS? Not at all!

    Just watched Episode 1 of Tecker 911, and wanted to get you to correct the spelling of the word ‘EXTENSIONS’ in the last scene, #5. It added an unnecessary ‘T’ after the first ‘s’.

    Glad to see that you’re getting the copyrights you need, too. Excellent.

  2. zak said, on September 17th, 2007 at 12:01 pm

    G. Do I’ve gat mor emoney than you. I have a better computer than you. How do I become like you?

  3. Plaz said, on September 17th, 2007 at 4:40 pm

    @Zak: Hard work and dedication. Embrace your surroundings and find ways to extend them. Having a good computer helps, but isn’t the all-be-all. PS: I just got a new computer: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5472462973777594668&hl=en

  4. Jordan said, on September 27th, 2007 at 6:54 pm

    why is jd’s bio still up there? no one loves jd

  5. Daniel said, on October 5th, 2007 at 9:53 pm

    I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding t Us | Tecker 911, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong :)

  6. Anna said, on November 7th, 2007 at 6:57 pm

    Holy crap. You guys have done more good in your short lives on this planet than most billionaires. I use 1and1 as webhost also, have a dot org blog I would like to put up again, this time with podcasting past journalistic interviews. Can do you a “for dummies” pod session on how to clone a site with features similar to this one – my content is completely different… but the simplicity of this layout… if you can take it from “so you registered a domain name, what’s next”.

  7. amara said, on November 20th, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    wow you guys havent updated your website in years

  8. Jenna said, on February 29th, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    Amazing site! Interested in finding out about a cool kickstarter project my brother and his business partner just launched at the NYC toy fair?

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